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The “Queen’s Own” Royal West Kent Regiment Living History Group
Would like to thank the sponsors that helped us with this project
The “Queen’s Own” Royal West Kent Regiment Living History Group has become the proud owners of a Great War Water Cart in need of total restoration.

We have embarked on Project Aquarius which is lead by Nigel Bristow. Nigel's credentials and skill as a restorer were exemplified during the course of the restoration of his own and the Fromelles General Service Wagons and we have complete confidence that under his leadership and expert guidance the Water Cart will be restored to it's former glory.
A project of this nature is an expensive undertaking but it brings a new and exciting dimension to supporting the aims and objectives of the Group since once it is finished the group will have made a tangible contribution to preserving a real piece of Great War history and will be able to display, what we believe to be, the only genuine example of its kind outside of a museum.
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